5 Questions with Michael Nunn OBE & William Trevitt OBE, Co-Artistic Directors, BalletBoyz

5 Questions with Michael Nunn OBE & William Trevitt OBE, Co-Artistic Directors, BalletBoyz

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Michael and William are known for taking bold directions when commissioning choreographers.  They reached out to Swedish choreographers, Pontus Lidberg and Javier de Frutos to create Life: Rabbits and Fiction. They shared with us some behind-the-scenes insight on the development of Life.

What can audiences expect to take away from BalletBoyz double-bill of Fiction and Rabbit show?

This really is a performance of two halves and showcases how versatile the company has become. The production offers insight to this unique group of men that have worked closely together for the past few years.

The story of Rabbit is a unique take on the symbol of life.  Where was inspiration found?

The inspiration for Rabbit came initially from the score. Pontus Lidberg had wanted to create a work with this music for a long time.  He always imagined a child-like swing when listening to the score.  When we gave him the theme of life he was delighted to finally use it and the piece developed from that initial image he had.

How challenging is it for the performers to dance in full-head dress?

The head dress for Rabbit was extremely challenging at first, there is very little peripheral vision and also they become pretty hot, the dancers wore the heads for most of the rehearsal and still do to this day, They have to use a tremendous amount of body memory, its a bit like dancing with the light off.

How do you think contemporary dance performances are expanding the dance scene?

Contemporary dance seems to be expanding in all directions, especially into the classical dance world as choreographers continue to break the boundaries between old and new movement vocabulary.

Fiction is based on an obituary.  There’s a story that Javier de Frutos thought it ‘rude to kill anyone off other than himself’.  What was the process of creating a fictionalized death for someone involved in the project?

When we commissioned the choreographer Javier de Frutos to create Fiction based on our Life theme, he immediately came up with the idea of an obituary... his. The idea being that he passed away during the creative process and the reaction of the cast, how they coped with the loss, was of interest to him.  This is a very funny work. We commissioned a very distinguished dance critic to write a truthful obituary, exactly as it would have been if the event had occurred.

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