Is There an Aspiring Ballet Dancer in Your Life?

Is There an Aspiring Ballet Dancer in Your Life?

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The School of Alberta Ballet has posted cross-country audition tour dates for aspiring dancers looking to take professional training alongside academic programming at the School of Alberta Ballet's private school in Calgary. The audition tour includes Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary. An audition date in Halifax was also held earlier in November.

Students entering grades 5 through 9 in the upcoming season are eligible for the Junior Auditions and students entering grades 10 through 12, as well as post-secondary students are eligible for the Senior Auditions.

Click here for the full audition schedule, and more information about audition requirements and what to bring.

One of the perks of being a student at the School of Alberta Ballet - be it in the professional academic stream in Calgary or by enrolling for dance training in Calgary or Edmonton - is having the opportunity to audition for a role in “The Nutcracker." There are around 100 young dancers who participate in the performances every year in each city. If you have a potential ballet dancer in your life, be sure to share the magic of The Nutcracker with them.

Click here to read which roles Jennifer thought were the best for young dancers when she first joined the cast of The Nutcracker.

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