Talk Alberta Ballet has taken our final bow

Community Closed

Thank you for sharing your time with us this past season in Talk Alberta Ballet!

We’ve enjoyed the community spirit everyone has brought to this online forum. It’s been a pleasure to share in your stories and memories, to hear your anticipation for our performances and to hear your thoughts after our shows!

Talk Alberta Ballet has been an exciting opportunity to give patrons a place to engage on a more personal level with Alberta Ballet. 2016.17 has been a challenging season for arts organizations across the province. Your contributions to Talk Alberta Ballet have been a great encouragement and daily reminder of why we strive for a vibrant ballet in our province.

While this online forum has now closed, the team at Alberta Ballet will continue to explore how to offer more personal engagement. In season 17.18, we’re looking forward to offering more great onsite experiences at our performances, more opportunities to gather as a community – in Calgary and in Edmonton - and sharing the dance stories you love on our social media platforms.

You can keep up with all the goings on at Alberta Ballet by following us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and checking out our website. We look forward to seeing you at the Jubilee and other special events that we have planned for the 17.18 season.


Cindy Soderstrom

Director, Communications